What Our Clients Are Saying

“Nelson Pipeline has been a pivotal partner for Richmond Homes in the Colorado Division for over 30 years. Nelson brings professionalism, competitive bidding, organization, and whatever it takes attitude to stay on task and complete the project on time. One of the most helpful attributes is their resources; they can adjust crew sizes within days. Richmond Homes considers Nelson Pipeline the premier wet utility contractor in Colorado and values our relationship and continued success. With their ability to continuously deliver an excellent end product and open communication, I strongly recommend them for all future projects.”

Eric Kubly, SVP of Land Development

Richmond American Homes

“Nelson Pipeline has performed several projects for me over the last 15 years of my career. I have always been pleased with the level of effort, communication and commitment afforded the projects we have worked on together. In the past three years alone, Nelson Pipeline has successfully performed over a half dozen projects for my team. These projects have ranged in size and scope from small projects that were very time sensitive to sizeable multi-million dollar master-planned development projects. I am happy to say that all projects have been delivered as promised! The entire team at Nelson Pipeline seems to improve; they strive to meet our schedules, have minimal change order requests, and work diligently to solve issues when they arise. I am always sure I can count on Nelson Pipeline!”

Dan Galasso, Vice President of Land Development

Tri Point Homes

“The team at Nelson Pipeline delivers high-value results at competitive pricing. They’re committed to completing the job with speed, value, and integrity. They stand by their work, making them a respected leader among underground utility companies.”

Glenn Nier, Vice President of Operations


“I have seen their commitment to the developer. From their comprehensive bidding process to the expertise they demonstrate in managing construction, Nelson Pipeline works to perform at the highest level. They have the respect and trust of governmental agencies, the engineering participants, and the other contractors on the job site.”

Dan Brown

Polo Brown Company

“Nelson Pipeline has completed numerous construction projects for Taylor Morrison during my time working for the company, along with many other projects where we have worked together before my joining Taylor Morrison. The projects include all types of wet utilities/structures and some non-standard drainage projects addressing site-specific needs.  

“Nelson has consistently met our company objectives and expectations while always seeking to provide value-oriented suggestions to save costs while still meeting the jurisdictional requirements first and foremost. They are always available to discuss or meet on-site to evaluate issues and respond quickly with the right resources whenever required. 

“Additionally, the team at Nelson Pipeline understands our need to deliver affordable homes for our customers, as evidenced by the highly competitive proposals on their end. They’re committed to completing the job with speed, value, and integrity and communicate in an honest, no-nonsense way. If a problem arises, we collectively work together to find the solution.”

Pete Klymkow, VP Land Development

Taylor Morrison of Colorado

“Nelson Pipeline’s ‘can do’ attitude, experience and relationships in the industry make them a preferred contractor when you absolutely need to get something done.”

Matt Turney, VP Land Development

Denver Water Board